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At ThumbPress, we stay busy until all the image issues get resolved on your WordPress website.

As website owners, we know how impactful images are when it comes to website server space and overall speed. At ThumbPress, we understand your struggles with WordPress image management, so we tried to find solutions for all your image-related problems and put them in one convenient plugin. And that’s when we started working on ThumbPress in 2016.

Initially, we focused only on stopping unnecessary thumbnail generation and regenerating them later on, if needed.

But as time went on, we started finding other related issues that plague thousands of website owners like you. That's when we decided to make ThumbPress a one-stop shop for all image issues for WordPress websites.

And till now we are truly amazed with the love and support our plugin received from around the world. We couldn't come this far without your tremendous loyalty and support.


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My host is a pain about website size disk usage and this quickly knocked a whole bunch of space off. Combine with insanity or similar to reduce the size of initial uploads and broken link checker in case you accidentally delete an image size you are using and very quickly you’ve got a much cleaner website.

Over the years, WordPress and our themes/plugins has gathered 21 different types of thumbnails, so the size was increasing at an alarming speed. By disabling all thumbnails, all 6000 thumbnails are gone for good and after a bit of manual tweaking, all media are functioning as usual. Long live this plugin!

I am very happy with the plugin. I’ve been using it for a long time. I would recommend it to everyone. Before I started using this plugin, I didn’t know that themes generate so many unnecessary preview images. It is one of the indispensable plugin of all my sites at the moment. Thank you.

Thank you so much. you saved me. my site was making 21thumbnails and slowing down my site speed. something that you didn't mention is after choosing setting you have to press regenerate to start deleting old thumbs and generate the ones needed or maybe I missed that part.

Great plugin to keep your website images under control! Also like the ability to crop individual image sizes, if needed. Thank you very much for this plugin!

Thank you for the great plugin.

Effortlessly Manage WordPress Images & Thumbnails

Focus on crafting your blazing-fast WordPress site and leave the image & thumbnail management to ThumbPress!

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