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Compress Images to Boost Your Website Visuals

Reduce image file size without compromising the visual appeal of images and let your users experience a blazing-fast website.

Feature Overview

The ‘Compress Images’ feature will help you reduce image file sizes efficiently without hampering its quality. Compress all your images in just a click or one by one as per your choice.

Benefits at a Glance

The compress images feature is your packing wizard that shrinks image sizes significantly. Explore more benefits of this feature below.

Improve User Experience

Keep users engaged and happy with timely and fast-loading images. Reduce the bounce rate to zero and keep users coming back for more.


Make images mobile-friendly with the best image compressor tool. Never sway away mobile users again with slow website loading. Compress all your images now!

Improved SEO

Attract more visitors to your blazing-fast website and increase organic traffic. Appear on top of the searches and keep visitors having the best website experience.

Let’s have a look at how you can compress images using ThumbPress and
improve overall website performance.

First, get a ThumbPress Pro subscription here. Then, go to your Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin and
click the Upload Plugin button to add the pro plugin to your dashboard.

Head over to the ThumbPress settings option, enable the ‘Compress Images’ option, and hit the save settings button
to save it all. Settings > Enable Compress Images > Save Settings

In ThumbPress you can compress images in bulk, one by one from the media gallery and compress images while uploading. 
As for the bulk compression of images, head over to the compress images option and set how many images you want to compress at one request. 
Just set your desired numbers and hit the compress button.

Effortlessly Manage WordPress Images & Thumbnails

Focus on crafting your blazing-fast WordPress site and leave the image & thumbnail management to ThumbPress!

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