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Convert Images to WebP for Full Browser Support

Change Your WordPress images to WebP to improve website loading times and mobile user performance with just one click.

Feature Overview

With ‘Convert Images to WebP’, you can effortlessly convert and replace existing or new JPG and PNG images on your website - directly from the dashboard.

Benefits at a Glance

ThumbPress is a comprehensive solution to all issues relating to WordPress image management. Optimize your new or existing images to boost your website performance in a flash.

Lower Bandwidth Usage

WebP format reduces bandwidth consumption for high-traffic sites, cutting costs and keeping sites fast and responsive during peak times.

Broad Browser Support

Most modern browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, and Safari support WebP, which ensures faster image loading times for all visitors.

Support for Transparency and Animation

WebP offers transparent backgrounds like PNGs and animation more efficiently than GIFs, making it easy to display various visual content with limited space.

Learn how to convert WordPress images to WebP using ThumbPress and
supercharge your website user experience instantly!

First,  you need to install ThumbPress on your dashboard. To install and activate ThumbPress
Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin and search for ThumbPress in the search bar on the top right of the screen.
Click Install Now and then Activate ThumbPress.

Navigate to ThumbPress > Settings to enable ‘Convert Images to WebP’
and click Save Settings.

In the ‘Convert Images to WebP’ section, click the Convert button to convert all existing JPG and PNG images to WebP.
You will see a progress icon on the right to notify you when the conversion is done.

In the ‘Convert Images to Webp’ section, you can enable the option to ‘Convert Image on Upload’. Or simply, convert your images one by one by
enabling the ‘Single Image Conversion’ option from here. And done! Now you can convert your WordPress images to WebP, individually or
in bulk, and get complete browser support in an instant!

Effortlessly Manage WordPress Images & Thumbnails

Focus on crafting your blazing-fast WordPress site and leave the image & thumbnail management to ThumbPress!

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