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Delete Unused Images to Free Up Website Space

Identify and delete unused WordPress images from your website and speed up your site with just one click

Feature Overview

With ‘Detect Unused Images’, you can identify all your unused images and delete them individually or in bulk - directly from the dashboard. Get ThumbPress Pro to unlock the feature now!

Benefits at a Glance

ThumbPress gives you the freedom to organize your WordPress images to get the most out of your media library and elevate your website to new heights!

Easier Media Management

A cluttered media library makes it difficult to manage the images you use. Cleaning out unused images saves you time and hassle when updating or creating content.

Faster Site Speed

Removing unused images helps decrease page load times by saving server space, and providing a faster browsing experience for users.

Reduced Costs

Delete unused images to stay within your website hosting storage limits and avoid paying extra fees for pricier packages.

Learn how to detect and delete unused WordPress images with ThumbPress and
get a blazing-fast website in no time!

Get ThumbPress Pro here. Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin and click the
Upload Plugin button to add the pro plugin to your dashboard. Click on the Activate button to enable the plugin on the dashboard.

Navigate to ThumbPress > Settings to enable ‘Detect Unused Images’ and
click Save Settings.

In the ‘Detect Unused Image’ section, click on the Detect button to generate all images that are not in use.
A list of all the unused images will be shown below.

Effortlessly Manage WordPress Images & Thumbnails

Focus on crafting your blazing-fast WordPress site and leave the image & thumbnail management to ThumbPress!

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