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Regenerate Thumbnails for a Simplified Media Library

Regenerate new and existing WordPress thumbnails to streamline your media library management and speed up your site.

Feature Overview

With ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’, you can restore previously deleted thumbnails and generate new thumbnails of a certain resolution with just one click.

Benefits at a Glance

ThumbPress gives you the freedom to resolve all your WordPress image management issues. Optimize your server space and organize your WordPress media library with each upload!

Improved Performance

Generating only necessary thumbnail sizes reduces server load and improves website performance by minimizing image processing operation.

Simplified Image Management

Keep only the thumbnail sizes you need in your media library to streamline all future updates and redesigns.

Save Server Space

Regenerating only the thumbnail sizes needed for your website saves server resources, and ensures smoother website performance for high-traffic sites.

Learn how to regenerate thumbnails using ThumbPress and optimize your
server space and website performance in a flash!

First,  you need to install ThumbPress on your dashboard. To install and activate ThumbPress
Go to Dashboard > Plugins > Add New Plugin and search for ThumbPress in the search bar on the top right of the screen. Click Install Now and then Activate ThumbPress.

Navigate to ThumbPress > Settings to enable ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ and
click Save Settings to apply the feature on your website.

In the ‘Regenerate Thumbnails’ section, you can restore the selected thumbnail sizes for your existing images, according to
your preference. Input the number of images you want to regenerate at once and click the Regenerate Now button to get started. If you have already
selected the thumbnail sizes you want to generate in the ‘Disable Thumbnails’ section, your new image uploads will only generate thumbnails with the resolutions you have enabled. And disabled resolutions will be automatically deleted.

Effortlessly Manage WordPress Images & Thumbnails

Focus on crafting your blazing-fast WordPress site and leave the image & thumbnail management to ThumbPress!

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