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Launching Revamped ThumbPress: Solve All WP Image Issues

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ThumbPress has been in the market since 2016. With continuous love and support, we have made our way to a huge user base without any promotional activities so far. To this day, ThumbPress has been your companion to solve WordPress thumbnail-related problems. Now is the time, we have decided to take a big step.

At the time when we built ThumbPress in 2016, there was no effective plugin to limit thumbnail generation. We faced the issue on some of our sites but skipped it like many other businesses.

As we had a service business at that time, one of our clients’ e-commerce sites got stuck with so many thumbnails. Apart from the thumbnails generated by WordPress, their site’s theme had been generating 20+ thumbnails for each image upload. Since the site got many new products uploaded each week, it contained thousands of thumbnails.

Deleting the old thumbnails manually was not easy. Moreover, if we only delete the old thumbnails and don’t stop generating unnecessary thumbnails, it does not sound like a viable solution. Some of our other e-commerce clients also had been facing the same issue. We also had talks with some fellow business owners in the WordPress arena and they shared the same experiences.

Finally, we developed ThumbPress and provided all WordPress users with a solution to thumbnail issues.

Heading Towards Something Extraordinary

We revamped the plugin and came up with exciting new features to solve all your WordPress image and thumbnail issues with one single plugin. ThumbPress is not just a plugin but a dream to solve all image and thumbnail issues on your WordPress site. With this huge update, we are one more step closer to fulfilling that dream.

Heading Towards Something Extraordinary

Everything New in ThumbPress

ThumbPress has been revamped fully to offer you the smoothest experience of using images in WordPress. We’ve not only introduced premium services but also added exciting new features for our free users.

As you know, ThumbPress has always been free with its two features: disable thumbnails and regenerate thumbnails.

Disable Thumbnails: Get rid of unnecessary thumbnails and save valuable server space. Take control of your thumbnail generation. By disabling specific thumbnails of your choice, you can experience full-on personalization on your website.

Regenerate Thumbnails: Get your thumbnails back anytime you want with the Regenerate Thumbnail feature. Set the thumbnails option and regenerate any of the thumbnails you have gotten rid of previously. Manage thumbnails with ease with ThumbPress.

But we realized it’s time to introduce something new to our free users too. Here’s what our ThumbPress free users can find new:

Social Media Thumbnails: No more struggles to adjust image sizes for different social media platforms. Now ThumbPress has a new feature to adjust and tailor perfect social media thumbnails. ThumbPress social media thumbnail generator will ensure your images shine on social media platforms.

Image Upload Limit: Setting an image size limit is the best thing to do to prevent the accidental upload of large images. Setting up image size and resolution to a limited size will enhance website speed and help you maintain consistency. 

Convert Images into WebP: We all know WebP is the best format to opt for when it comes to image format for websites. But why jump between numerous plugins and image-converting websites to do this simple task? With this in mind, we’ve added this feature to save you from switching between plugins 

Disable Right Click on the Image: A simple yet effective way to prevent visitors from downloading images is disabling right click. By adding this extra layer of protection to your images, you can keep your image credit safe. 

Everything New in ThumbPress

New free features are great but if you are looking forward to experiencing something extraordinary and bringing a lot more flexibility to your images, then ThumbPress Pro is here.

ThumbPress Pro comes up with features that can solve WordPress image problems. We have developed these features keeping everyone’s needs in mind. In our new release of ThumbPress Pro, we are overjoyed to share the following features: 

Detect Large Images (Pro): Detect oversized images, compress or delete them to free up the server space. This proactive approach will help you boost your website speed and provide a seamless experience to the user.

Detect Unused Images (Pro): Unused images take up much space on your website. It would be blissful to detect all of them and get rid of those images to increase server space. With this improved feature, keep the space tidy and improve website loading time. 

Compress Images (Pro): Optimize and compress image sizes without hampering image quality directly from the ThumbPress dashboard. With this new feature, you can compress images to meet your site’s specific demands. 

Replace Image (Pro): With this pro feature, you can replace old images with new ones to keep your content up to date. Replace all the images at once and keep their links intact to keep the images relevant. 

Watermark on Images (Pro): To keep authority intact over your images ThumbPress now has a watermark feature. This will help you to include both text and image watermarks to limit unwanted usage of your images. 

Image Editor (Pro): Improve images directly from ThumbPress to save time and space. With this exciting image editor feature, you can apply different filters to your images and adjust all kinds of aspects. Present your images in the most captivating ways to attract customer attention better. 

As for the pricing of this pro feature, we have tried to keep the prices as close to your reach as possible. After a lot of thinking and continuous discussion, we have come up with the pricing ranges below;

1 Site5 Site10 Site100 Site
All FeaturesAll FeaturesAll FeaturesAll Features
Unlimited ImagesUnlimited ImagesUnlimited ImagesUnlimited Images
1-Year plugin update1-Year plugin update1-Year plugin update1-Year plugin update
1-Year Premium Support1-Year Premium Support1-Year Premium Support1-Year Premium Support
Get ThumbPress Pro now!

The Beginning of a Great Journey

The launch of a totally new version of ThumbPress is great news that we wanted to share with you all. We look forward to a great journey and companionship with you all. For those who have been with ThumbPress for so long, we aspire to continue it and welcome new audiences with open arms. 

The Beginning of a Great Journey

Our main purpose in building this plugin is to solve the problem of WordPress enthusiasts. Being part of this community, we also relate to the problems you face daily. With this in mind, we have updated ThumbPress to be a compact solution for images and thumbnails. There is a long way to go though, your continuous support will keep us going on this journey. 

Let’s look forward to a great journey ahead and accompany you on this new journey we are about to start. Be a part of this community and be at ease with us. 

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