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Top 5 WordPress Image Optimization Plugins in 2024 (Compared) 

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five wordpress image optimization plugins

Gorgeous visuals help capture attention, improve your brand story, and provide valuable content for social media promotion. But high-quality images can drag down your website’s loading speed and bloat your server space, leading to frustrated visitors and a slip in your SEO standings.

The good news? You can have your cake and eat it too! Optimizing your images lets you maintain stunning visuals while ensuring a lightning-fast website. 

But if done manually, optimization can be a lengthy and frankly, frustrating process. This is why, we’ve compiled a list of the top five WordPress image optimization plugins to streamline your efforts. 

Ready to boost your site speed and SEO ranking? Let’s get started! 

How WordPress Image Optimization Plugins Speed Up Your Website

WordPress image optimization plugins are the secret weapon your website needs to hit the fast lane and here’s how they work their magic – 

  • Reduce File Size: Image optimization plugins often feature compression modules that shrink image files without noticeable quality loss. Smaller files mean faster loading times for your website.
  • Quality Image Delivery: WordPress image optimization plugins can automatically resize images to fit your website layout to prevent them from loading at their original, often excessive size.
  • Optimize Image Format: For better browser coverage, these plugins can convert images to the most efficient format based on their content, such as JPEG to WebP.

5 Best WordPress Image Optimization Plugins in 2024

Now that you’re up-to-date on how WordPress image optimization plugins can speed up your site. Let’s take a look at our top picks for the best plugins, their pricing plans, and what makes them stand out in our list. 

1. ThumbPress

ThumbPress image optimization plugin wordpress

ThumbPress takes a comprehensive approach to image optimization and offers a powerful suite of features not found in all plugins. While other plugins focus on one specific feature, ThumbPress handles all your WordPress optimization needs. 

What We Like About It? 

ThumbPress excels at lossless and lossy compression, bulk optimization for tackling entire media libraries, and even social media-specific thumbnail generation. It also comes with modules like image replacement and editing tools that provide more control over your visuals.

ThumbPress has excellent support and regular updates, although the duration is based on the packages you purchase.


ThumbPress is a freemium plugin. It offers lifetime pricing plans, as well as, tiered packages based on the number of websites you can use the plugin on. 

Annual plans starts from $39 and lifetime plans starts from $99, depending on your requirements. 

2. Optimus 

optimus wordpress image optimization plugin

Optimus is another freemium image optimization plugin, primarily known for its user-friendly approach. It makes the whole process easier with its one-click optimization option which is perfect for beginners who want a hassle-free solution. 

What We Like About It? 

Optimus integrates with powerful cloud servers to give you impressive compression results to reduce image file sizes without damaging the visual quality. 

Its pro features include bulk optimization, WebP conversion for even smaller file sizes (compatible theme required), and a strong HTTPS connection to help you securely transfer images to the cloud. 


As a freemium plugin, Optimus only features yearly packages with flexible usage. Its HQ package is $39 and the HQ pro package will cost you $169 – both are based on a one-time charge. 

3. ShortPixel 

shortpixel wordpress image optimization plugin

ShortPixel is a popular WordPress image optimization plugin known for its well-rounded feature set and focuses on balancing quality with compression. It offers both lossless and lossy compression options, so you have the freedom to choose the level of optimization that best suits your needs.

What We Like About It? 

ShortPixel goes beyond basic compression with features like automatic image resizing, conversion to WebP format (for compatible themes), and integration with CDN services to give you faster image delivery. 

Also, you can gather detailed reports on the optimization process to help you track your image size reduction and potential savings in bandwidth.


ShortPixel offers unlimited monthly ($10) and yearly ($100) subscriptions and one-time payment options start from $20 with a credit system to optimize images with any of their products. 

4. Cloudinary

cloudinary image optimization plugin for wordpress

Cloudinary is a cloud-based solution to help you manage all your website’s images and videos. This plugin goes one step above simple image optimization by allowing you to compress, resize, and deliver images with automatic format selection (including WebP format) to get the best performance across different devices and browsers. 

What We Like About It? 

Cloudinary has impressive features like automatic image cropping and background removal, perfect for creating product thumbnails or showcasing images with specific dimensions. It also integrates with CDNs to deliver images without interruptions. 

You can also utilize its on-demand image transformations and auto backups to keep images safe at all times. 


Cloudinary’s pricing model includes yearly packages start from $89, and monthly packages starting from $99. However, the features and flexibility depend on the specific model.  

5. Gumlet 

gumlet image optimization addons

Gumlet is another cloud-based WordPress image optimization plugin that excels at automatic image resizing based on user device screen size. Its approach is focused on giving you a user-friendly solution for streamlining your WordPress image workflow. 

What We Like About It? 

Similar to ThumbPress and ShortPixel, Gumlet also uses lossless and lossy compression techniques to lower image file size without compromising visual quality. It also automatically delivers images based on browser compatibility. 

If you’re focused on your website’s growth, Gumlet’s automatic image backups and on-demand image transformations can help provide a scalable solution – similar to Cloudinary. 


Gumlet operates on a paid subscription model, and its focus on cloud-based processing might not be ideal for users with privacy concerns or limited internet bandwidth.

However, its annual packages start from $10 per month and its monthly model starts from $19, depending on the type of enterprise you are running. 

Choosing the Right Plugin for You

With a sea of options for image optimization plugins WordPress available in the market, knowing which functions you need for your website can help you narrow down your choice. Here are some factors to consider before you invest in a plugin – 

  • Budget: While some plugins offer a free tier with limitations, others require a paid subscription to unlock additional features your website may require. 
  • Technical Knowledge: Some plugins focus on ease of use, while others offer more advanced tools that require more technical know-how.
  • Features Required: Narrow down your specific needs. Do you need a bulk optimization feature, image editing tools, or a cloud-based system for scalability?

Based on these factors, we’ve categorized our list of WordPress image optimization plugins below to help you meet the needs of your website. 

  • Advanced features and control: ThumbPress (paid)
  • Beginner-friendly and free: Optimus or ShortPixel (free tier)
  • Cloud-based solution with scalability: Cloudinary or Gumlet (paid)

Take Control of Image Optimization Today!

Don’t let bulky images bog down your website! Each of the WordPress image optimization plugins shown in this blog delivers a specific solution, catering to different needs and technical skill sets. 

Whether you’re a beginner seeking user-friendly simplicity, an experienced user seeking advanced tools, or a high-traffic site requiring cloud-based scalability. Choose the plugin that aligns with your needs and watch your website’s speed and performance soar!

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